Thursday, October 20, 2011



Often, that which one thinks of as relationally-measurable, inanimate-substance can be conceptualized as consisting of meta-placeholders (holons) for operators, signifiers, and representations of various forces, interfunctioning (within a holarchy) in mathematical obedience to variously synchronizing formulas. Some of the operators happen to become designed to effect or force discrete generations and quanta, in accord with mathematical randomness. Some of the operators happen to become designed to be responsive to meta placeholders for representing non-random, directional forces for entangling, transposing, unifying, splitting, vibrating, attracting, or repulsing. Some of the operators happen to become designed to seek to consume others, to add or reduce complex patterns of fractals, chemistry, and biology. Some of the operators happen to become designed to effect forms and bodies in order to seek self preservation. Some of the operators happen to become designed to effect, associate, and identify with forms and bodies that experience and express awareness that they are seeking to self preserve. Some of the operators happen to become designed to experience and express SELF AWARENESS that they are effecting, associating, and identifying with forms and bodies that express awareness that they are seeking to self preserve. Some of the operators happen to become designed to experience and express self awareness that their EMPATHIES extend beyond the forms of their bodies and brains, to begin to express understanding, fulfillment, and enlightenment in relation thereto.  (Note:  When I refer to "design," I don't mean pre-design. Nothing that unfolds needs necessarily have been pre-designed. However, everything we now sense is becoming designed, under a process of guiding, unfolding apprehension, in digitized two-stepped feedback between The Holon and its particular perspectives of Itself under the holarchy, in all its signifying and signified aspects.)

When that which is signified comes within the fuzzy sphere of interest of two or more field operators of more or less equal capacity to signify their influence, the successful field, in each discrete and successive sequence, will be the one that first asserts itself, therewith simultaneously becoming the more powerful for effecting such assertion.

Thus, ultimately, the relationship between and among particular perspectives of awareness (mortals) and the holistic perspective (God) is availed via a discrete dance of meta feedback. The unfolding character of that dance relates to a way in which the separateness of each particular perspective is buffered or fuzzed. By definition, a perspective that identifies with a part will not have the perspective of the whole. Nor will the perspective of the whole necessarily fully apprehend the quality of the perspective of each part. Still, the perspective of the whole may well map or record a coordinate appreciation of the quality of the perspective of each part, with which it may, on the demise of each part, absorb. Thus, there abides meaning in the adventuring of mortals.

Thus, a function for apprehending and appreciating choice-making (God) operates in a circle dance with a function of force-directing (Nature). The medium for such interfunctioning is meta (Mysterious). In this, there abides no necessary violation of logic, experience, science, or intuition. However, there does abide a basis for appreciating meaningfulness. Thus, there abides a basis for inculcating and inspiring societies to encourage empathetic appreciations and communications within their civilizations.

Bottom line:  It is logically, empirically, and intuitively unsound to search for scientific measure or demonstration of a cartesian ghost or soul or mind in the machine or body or brain.  Rather, the machine, the body, and the brain are to be explained in terms of The Ghost, i.e., The Holon!  And The Holon is beyond measure or replicative demonstration.  Rather, IT simply abides, and we abide simply as perspectives of IT.

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