Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zombie Ceteris Paribus

Zombie Ceteris Paribus (all zombies remaining equal): Factors that seem to account for many complex systems, such as systems governing human civilizations, are so interconnected and fluxing that they defy analysis via customary techniques that use double blind experiments while varying only one factor at a time. In every complex regime, a despot and his party line toeing elitists will deceive the easily misled or bribed hoi polloi by claiming the blessings of "settled science." Apart from preference of myth or faith, there is no scientific basis to weigh whether a despotism or republic will tend to be "more moral." The apologist for every NWO despotism that is run by elite lackeys for international crony corporatists will claim to be guided not by receptivity to intuitive faith but by the superior blessings of science. His usefulness to the regime will be as as liar, idiot, or both. Only by reducing the masses to the maleducation of ignorance and to the divisive corruption of envy could a static heirarchy of bureaucrats serving a central despotism claim to be able to adjust in time to the myriad of factors that flux within a dynamic civilization. In other words, only by reducing the freedom and dignity of the citizenry, thus giving them the "equality" of moral zombies. If you desire to be or to serve the king of the zombie collective, that would be your "go-od." The MSM propagates it 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Dems have driven our culture so low that it becomes hard to see how they could succeed with another high tech lynching. Dems tend to celebrate or rehabilitate most of the things they would try to lynch a modest Republican for doing. Blue dress, expensive call girls, hiking the Appalachian trail, ad nauseum. The Republican champion does not need to be any less humanly fallible than his opponent; he only needs to champion a better vision for the nation. He only needs relentlessly to meet lies and cynicism with truth and humility. Do we want to be the last, best bastion for defending decent freedom and dignity on earth, or do we want to lead the world into an abysmal, fascist socialism of intrusive government ... a government to be owned and operated by deceiving cronies and their apologists (Matthews, Couric, Maddow), whose very last intention, despite all protestations to the contrary, would be to surrender their chokehold on wealth and power over all institutions of persuasion? The Left is in the grip of a notorious but powerful lie: That totalitarian control by elites over the masses, by hollowing the middle class and controlling all institutions of persuasion, would lead us to a new Golden Age. The Left brings three false gods of persuasion: Corruption, Ignorance, and False Caring. Conservatives can counter with Purpose, Will, and True Empathy. Problem is: Does any blueblood really have vision to serve such purpose? IF. If he does, Palin's endorsement can rally the tide.

The spirit of a lie often goes unrecognized in the core of America's institutions. That spirit is a rampant totalitarian mindset. Few would care when another amasses wealth so long as the amasser does not transpose it into abuse of power. It's hardly incorrect to sense that something is rotten in the way the system allows power and wealth to be distributed. Crony capitalism and the cannibalization of America have been rampant, uninterrupted now for more than 20 years. The problem is to sense a correct solution. The solution is not to enlist as useful dupe for lying cynics. The very people enlisting the idiot masses to protest the concentration of power and the undermining of America are the people who are concentrating power and undermining America. The message they broadcast to dupes: "Only let me amass power and I will better your lives." The foremost thing we need to do is to recognize and define the problem.

See http://www.friesian.com/nietzsch.htm: "What makes sense of this, however, and what the Left, Nietzsche, and Marx all have in common is clear enough: the worship of power. A command economy appeals to those who believe they should govern everyone and everything with absolute power, who can then also say anything, however absurd or self-contradictory, and then simply require, by law and force, in the purest Orwellian fashion, as we already see nascent at American universities, that everyone believe it." "People whose every instinct is already totalitarian are vulnerable to who knows what kinds of whims. In a world where liberalism and democracies are now increasingly in violent geopolitical conflict with Islâmic Fascism, and trendy progressives despise liberal capitalism more than misogynistic Islâmic terrorists, the most surprising intellectual developments become possible."

Anonymous said...

SEE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analytic_philosophy ---

"Scott Soames agrees that clarity is important: analytic philosophy, he says, has "an implicit commitment—albeit faltering and imperfect—to the ideals of clarity, rigor and argumentation" and it "aims at truth and knowledge, as opposed to moral or spiritual improvement [...] the GOAL IN ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY IS to discover what is true, NOT TO PROVIDE A USEFUL RECIPE FOR LIVING for living one's life". Soames also states that analytic philosophy is characterised by "a more piecemeal approach. There is, I think, a widespread PRESUMPTION within the tradition that it is often POSSIBLE TO MAKE PHILOSOPHICAL PROGRESS (about THINGS that are really-out-there) by intensively investigating a small, circumscribed range of philosophical issues while holding broader, systematic questions in abeyance."

SELF: PROBLEM with Analytical Philosophy and Positivism: Some inherent aspect about expression, communication, and empathy entails simultaneous conveyance, feedback, and/or interpretaton of FUZZY ideas with or to other minds, such conveyances entailing and conflating the rationally Quantifiable as well as the vaguely Qualifiable. Because the Conscious Mind is integral to philosophy, and because Conscious Mind cannot entirely seal away the Qualifiable from the Quantifiable, the goal of mathematical reductionists reduces to faith in a mirage.

IOW, the MIND does not aspire, think, or reason in clear, measurable, or quantifiable bits. Rather, somehow, the mind dances with a META ASPECT that CONFLATES its feeback in both the quantitative and the qualitative, in a way that can never be entirely reduced to the quantifiable.

IOW, Analytic Positivists tend to jump the track of moral relevance in the very foundation of their initial assumptions or FAITH. By assuming that non-quantifiable aspects of receptivity to higher moral values
have no valid relevance,they seek to prove (or adopt as code to live by) their a priori, amoral assumption. The inherent, immature, nihilistic, incoherency in their system is to promote faith in no basis for faith. Simply put, they have nothing to say or merit listening to when it comes to advocating for any purpose higher than the purely mechanical.

Anonymous said...

al-Awlaki was apostate to the kinder, gentler brand of modern Islam that Obama favors. The subjugating Islam that Obama favors is the one that reveres fascist socialism dosed out to the people as medicine, rather than as bullets. Given an already prepped and ignorant citizenry, why violently show your hand when soft deception will get you so much further down the road to lordship over despised American serfs? As apostate to the faith and cause of soft deception, al-Awlaki needed to be eliminated. And Obama had cover for doing just that. Brands of Isalm allow for elimination of apostates, as also for Marxism. All Obama needed in order to cover all his bases was a smattering of legalism. If al-Awlaki was actively targeting Americans and could not be taken out except with force, it's not his elimination that troubles me. Nor legalism, given a society so maleducated that legal eagles can always make mincemeat of legal fairies. What troubles me is that Obama continues to amass so many and varied tools for his nefarious purposes. Here, Obama got a good result in furtherance of a bad purpose. That hardly augers good things to come. That a bad dog happens to bite a bad man justifies no kudos for Obama. Obama will not stop his "leaning forward" march with this episode. Be wary of the not so cornered commie commander, for whom foul is fair, fair is foul, winks are preludes, and middle fingers are plausible deniables. This man has no love of Americans. Watch when he dutifully says America is a great country ... as he must in order to lull Americans while he undermines us.

Anonymous said...

Our economic system is dynamic, not static. Were low income people to have to pay higher sales taxes, that would pressure a compensatory trend towards higher wages. That would reduce some of the disparity in wealth and give them skin in the game, as well as increased self respect for not simply being burdens on society. The problem is with older and disabled people on small, fixed incomes. However, those people tend already to have access to less expensive health care, prescriptions, and low rent housing.

Anonymous said...

Dems would do better to make some burnt offerings to allah-moon and bring in three witches dressed in hides taken from the results of Obama's assistance in the dispatches of OBL, al Awlaki, and Gadaffi. Let each czar and cabinet head spit in hands and then let the witches stir dirt in the spit, blow it towards the moon, and soothsay whose programs should be cut and in what amounts. I fully expect the result would make more sense than anything we will get out of either the Regime of hope or its Supercommittee. In fact, I wager the media would advise to give the witches a chance, if only Obama prescribed it (preferably in joint session). Otherwise, nothing will be done because no Dem wants to do what needs to be done, and the calamity that follows can all be blamed on Republicans. If it doesn't pertain to earth or pagan faith, how to milk a political crisis, or how to bring down America, then it's simply not in the Dem brain. BTW -- why do they call it the Democrat Party? Why don't they call it what it is: The CCDP (Crony Communist Despot Party)?