Saturday, October 22, 2011

Small Trigger Points for Unleashing Incredible Energy

But for a one-of-a-kind Reconciling Changeless Changer, how could myriad particular patterns of evolution be constantly guided or avail expression of sensibility detectable to reason?
One thing both Obama and the Islamists often do not lack is faith. It is quite dangerous for the materialistic unfaithful to mock the faithful. What are the limits to possibilities in organizing switches, signals, and physical manifestations in this universe? Pushing a 1/4 inch domino, if properly placed, could, if everything were lined up, within about 30 segments, set in motion the knocking down of the Empire State Building. See By organizing a series of dominoes so their potential energy is stored along a line of them, one can, by a small expenditure of energy against the center of gravity of the lead smallest of them, suddenly trigger a cascading unleash of energy that is stored along the center of gravity of all of them. Planning and setting trigger points can unleash incredible forces. Given the evident self-organizing that arises out of chaos and is unleashed by the butterfly effect, can anyone correctly say, apart from the trivial, what is not possible to be signified to the fulfillment of a signifier? Beyond the trivial, what is not possible fos Sisyphus to accomplish by a persistent application of will, apprehension, empathy, insight, focus, diligence, and faith? What empires cannot be brought down by disassociating their currencies from their purpose-directed energies? Given the faith of a mustard seed, it is incalculable what could be done were the Tea Party to lead a resurging reassimilation and reinvigorization of decent, purpose-driven faith.


Whatever the holonic structure of the discrete cycling of that which gives expression to continuous appearance of properties, there emerge to our avail property expressions of at least tens of constants, including such constants as limiting values for electromagnetic radiation and acceleration due to gravity. Even so, the expressions of these relational constants are in constant flux and change, in relation to, and in respect of, locus, context, quantum leaps, conversions, and field versus particle expressiveness.
But for a one-of-a-kind Reconciling Changeless Changer, how could myriad particular patterns of evolution be constantly guided or avail expression of sensibility detectable to reason? At most fundamental level, lower case holons among the holarchy seem, by innate capacity or by Pre-Design and Pre-Organization, to avail guided evolution among perspectives of signifiers and signifieds. Regardless, discrete, smallest levels of expressions of particles are often organized to respect trips for triggering and guiding astonishing expressions of often instantaneous, fractal changes.
Thus, centers of gravity and other potential energies that are pre-stored in extant organizations are already availed and lined up, Waiting To Be Triggered to various re-organizations and purposes by particular perspectives of human will, apprehension, empathy, insight, focus, diligence, and faith.  Thus, spiritual apprehensions trigger mind apprehensions trigger brain apprehensions trigger field expressions trigger leveraged releases of potential energies trigger astonishing changes in substantively quantifiable expressions and significations.


Anonymous said...

The Left wants material, but would not live without faith. It sees that many Americans mouth faith but do not live by it. The Left does not see material results floating down from mere prayer. So it lashes out, provoking mass violence, destruction, anarchy ... and Arab Springs. Because it's far easier to destroy than to build, the Left gets adrenaline highs and sees results in its faith. Too many faith peddlers peddle the importance of faith, but fail to connect the importance of acts, initiative, and diligent will to work hard. The Left wants to be inspired, but has come to expect inspiration in easier entitlements and quicker gratifications. From the slough of despond, the assimilation and adrenaline of the Left is facilitated at peril. Once it crosses the threshold of smelling power, the rush of madness in the face of irresolution will be on. After a level of massing, locusts swarm, the land is reduced, the locusts die, and the individually resolute pick up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

OWS is smelling the economic death scent that wafts our of vanishing jobs and production and national dissolution. Obama winks because he's the Kevorkian who brings it on. It's insane to believe this problem will go away by ignoring it and just pouring more money into the welfare and stimulus holes. We're availing a prescription for attracting the walking undead, to mass in time before the next election. We need to break Obama's choke hold and the bindings of looney regulations and start producing again. Start with producing energy, for goodness sakes. Show the Left how Obama-Soros (product of crony socialism in incestuous combination with crony capitalism) has killed their jobs. Define the problem, and explain the Tea Party solution: Enforce borders; smart trade; release choke holds against producers; accompany with appeal to higher purposefulness.

Anonymous said...

From A.T. -- Interesting explication for why the Enlightenment poured out of Europe! First-quibble: Yes, God is better conceptualized as transcendent, above, and apart from us. Decent civilization is endangered when we entertain mere humans to presume to be God's substitutes on earth. Yet, it remains essential not to take the Deist attitude that considers God as irrelevant to involvement with us. God remains involved, not in quantifiable ways, not in ways that make science unreliable, but in ways of fundamental import, beyond proof in logic, math, or science, NOT beyond moral relevance in intuition and empathy. God cannot be entirely explicated to bivalent logic or rules of non-contradiction of mortals. The unfolding of our universe itself signifies a walking-contradiction, a Changeless-Changer. Universe, logic, and science are derivatives, not creators. Appreciating one's role in relating to universe and God necessitates more than value-quantifiers availed by bivalent logic and science. It also necessitates value-qualifiers availed by empathy and intuition. But for both the active and the pre-set INVOLVEMENT of a one-of-a-kind Reconciling-Changeless-Changer, a "Walking-Contradiction," how could myriad patterns of evolution either be (1) constantly guided, or (2) availed expression of sensibility detectable to conscious reason?

Second-quibble: Enlightenment entails intuitive sense of limitations. It would not be "good science" to turn high-tech destructive science over to Islamists, either as individuals or as nations. Nor would it conduce good science to grease unsustainable population growth or to lay waste to other creatures and resources. Whether faith is Green or Godly, as Dirty Harry noted, "Man's got to know his limitations." We need institutional checks against runaway science that otherwise would more likely confront us with choices we have little hope of managing within bounds short of horror. Since Leftists hate being told what to do in respect of traditions relating to concept of God, they conceptualize their own golden calf --- Environment. Communalism. Strong Man. Whatever the moral alternative, it's religulously laughable to think it's an alternative to religion. What's not laughable: Insofar as Greenies hate having tradition tell them what to do, how can they hope to discipline themselves short of horror?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to watch when ants push to topple line up's of dominos. OWS, with Obama's winks, has potentials all lined up under the Left's ownership of all major instutitions for shaping public opinion. Rotters like Obama have potentials for unleashing incredible energies lined up, only waiting a trigger. The Tea Party has nothing like that. It has only good faith and good will. It has few billionaires and little means for buying politicians in purely financial terms. The Tea Party is subject to being divided, deceived, kissed, and then abandoned. It has no capacity to make corrupt kickback deals. Time is not on its side for playing catch up in order to get its dominos lined up.

Obama (and Islamists) do not lack for faith in corruption, deceit, and, when needed, violence. It's quite dangerous for the quick-fix, pharma-high unfaithful to mock the spiritually-violent, power-mongering faithful. Little limits the energies that can be unleashed once proper switches are lined up. Pushing a carefully placed 1/4 inch domino-dynamo, after having lined up about 30 segments of ever larger dominos, could set in motion the knocking down of the Empire State Building. By organizing a series of institutions so their potential energies are stored along a line of them, one could, by a small expenditure of will and energy against the center of gravity of the lead smallest of them, suddenly trigger a cascading unleash of energy that is stored along the center of gravity of all of them. Planning and setting trigger points can unleash incredible forces.

When it comes to reorganizing chaos, much is possible by those who have persistence of will, especially when accompanied with strong faith. Entire empires can be brought low, merely by disassociating currencies from purpose-directed energies. The Tea Party has stronger faith than OWS, but it lacks the line up of institutions that are under the trigger-control of the rotters who run OWS. We're in a more perilous, high-stakes game of catch up than many apprehend. We can't afford to ignore OWS, because its potential makes a clear statement regarding what rotters have access to.