Sunday, October 16, 2011

Illusion of Being the Driver

Both Rinos and Dinos want to destroy the middle class. Rinos don't want competition on their clouds, and Dinos don't want anyone that causes them to feel shame for what they may have failed to achieve. Dinos prefer an aristocratic oligarchy. That way, since the only way to break into the elite class would almost always be to be born into it, Dinos need never feel shame, and Rinos need never feel threatened. The only thing lost will be freedom to think for oneself and to communicate about it. But why would a peasant or billionaire care about such a trifle? (Sarc.) A small price to pay for the economic Utopia of Collectivism that will be owned and operated by elites, and the Umma for which Imams will enforce bowing five times a day.


Whether Rinos believe it or not, they have Dinos convinced that: there's nothing special worth preserving about America, capitalism is always corrupt, elites and scientists know best, national borders are obsolete, the entire environment is endangered, forced competition with third world labor is fair, families are repressive, the material world is a one time affair, immediate gratification is an entitlement, and God is dead. Every significant institution is owned and operated by those who run Rinos and fool Dinos. Thus, we have wonderful ideas, like global warming, carbon exchanges, depopulation, and free trade with gangsters. We even have Americans fooled that, but for a world market and free trade with despotic regimes, our economy could never have flourished. For awhile, we were even told we lacked energy resources and rare earth materials to make it on our own, without free trade. Lol. While Bush had us attentive to 9-1-1, did he willingly do the least effective thing to shut down the border? How long did he let Ramos and Compean rot? Why did he try to turn port security over to Dubai? How little did he respect aspirations of middle class people of the Tea Party? Look around. Which viable Republican candidate denounces the Bilderberg-spooned Agenda 21 sponsored by the UN? Anyone? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

I feel your angst. However, we must not project decency on Leftists. Their characters have been twisted by besotters since they were infants. Case in point: What percentage of the public considers Bill Clinton a loveable rogue? I wager it's considerably more than 50 percent. Notwithstanding, he has likely been a serial rapist. Yet the Left is always ready to forgive an extravagant party dude! Problem is, if that's the way you roll, you have to run as a Lefty. One thing the Left won't tolerate is a party dude who has repented and gotten all preachy. Partying down is the Left's main moral stance. A vote of protest, or a finger in the eye, if you will, against the Source of all architecture! A good-time-Charlie Libertine or Libertarian will never be convinced by anyone with a square moral stance. How can America crawl out of this pit? Well, not ever by denigrating people of decent good faith. Against all hecklers (Maher, Dawkins, Hitchens, Letterman, Penn, Maddow, Matthews, Ayers), people of good faith will have to arouse a new awakening. Otherwise, there's no escaping the ooze of the tar pit.

Anonymous said...

Bilderbergers give so that highbrow foundations can enthrall us with such wonderments as “Piss Christ.” It’s the middle class that gives us the actual ministers, doctors, scientists, historians, and artists who help make sense of our lives and man the medical, police, fire, shelter and other safety nets and charities for all society’s derelicts. Problem is: Derelicts prefer not to appreciate safety nets as charities provided by devout middle class workers and volunteers, but to take them as entitlements. How easier to capture entitlements than by aligning with that other entitlement-minded segment of society, Bilderbergers and their fawning elitists? The middle class, so occupied with hard and good works, tends not to notice an unholy gathering of entitlement minded derelicts and corrupt elitists until they have nearly surrounded every decent, trusting soul. All this has been played before. This time, perhaps the axis of entitlement minded corruptocrats has played its hand too soon, and forgotten that the American middle class is not the defenseless lamb of the past, but a mature Ram.