Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yates, Faith, and Hope

From A.T. -- Re: "Obama was all hype and no substance. That realization has dawned on voters, resulting in horrendous polling. Richard Nixon was never liked, but he was at least thought competent. Obama was liked but never competent."

Well, Nixon was no Communist, but Obama is. (If he's not, pray tell where he'd voluntarily stop his collectivization, given opportunity to contrive enough crises?) Doesn't the description above sum up every Communist who has ever achieved power? That is, unless, by competence, you mean competence to deliver people to misery and then to make them, with fear or bribes, pretend it's great. Sort of like a human misery pyramid or Ponzi scheme: Get people to buy into a great sounding scheme and then, once you have them, show that their only way out is to recruit and stand on top of enough heads of idiots. Once you run out of new people to recruit, then, to allow the same cronies (excuse me, those-elites-who-know-best) to rule until they die or begin to drool, you contrive an emergency, freeze the situation, and call off elections. Putin. Chavez. Castro. Dear Leader. See a pattern? After you see enough black cats crossing the same deja vu path twice, you begin to think like Yates: "That twenty centuries of stony sleep / Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
/ And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

We now know, given enough exposure to high tech "education," that a majority of people can be brain washed, that modern advertising techniques have devised how, and that Advertising-Serves-The-Business-Of-Farming-Idiots-Just-As-Easily-As-It-Serves-Consumption-Driven-Capitalism. These techniques are everywhere --- on our computers, in our media, music, posters, schools, banks, courts, speech codes ... even in our fake religions (Black Liberation Theology). The wonder is that approximately half of the populaton (Tea Partiers) still are not so hollow as to have lost all wits to resist. Apart from faith-and-hope, the question you have to ask yourself, punk, is Do-you-have-good-reason-to-trust-either-Romney-or-Cain?


Anonymous said...

Does human psychology tend to be such that a slave must resent a free man who in any way looks like himself? Once he becomes accultured to slavery, how can he be comfortable unless he's on a plantation? Even were the shackles holding him only in his mind, he could not easily admit he could have done better, for that would shame him in the eyes of his children. To hide their shame, parents of many creeds and cultures likewise acculture their children, often condemning them to the same self made shackles. They convince themselves Whitey only likes Cain because he's not authentic. Even though it's obvious Cain is authentically comfortable in his own skin. Maybe reclaiming one's freedom is nearly as hard as reclaiming one's soul.

Anonymous said...

Those maniacal sociopaths who thrive soon discover how to operate under semblance of reason: convincing to dupes, published in books, broadcast in media. The Koran, Mein Kampf, Chairman Mao's Little Red Book. They always make virtue of burying "self centered" liberty and initiative among milk-cow masses. (Example from Mao: "... because the goal of Chinese communism is just, and reactionary interests are self-centered and unjust, after struggle, they will be revealed to be much less dangerous than they were earlier perceived to be.") When it comes to burying those who get in the way of sociopaths and their zombies, bloodshed is the only thrill. One easily may wonder whether bloodshed is not the main point. Their moon god certainly revels in it! Assume a maniacal sociopath fools and conquers the world. Will his underlings then be satisfied to establish peace under his reign? Will there be peace in the valley for Hitler and Stalin, Abdullah and Ahmadinejad, Sunni and Shiite? Hardly! Glorying in self righteous bloodshed is the driving force! The only reason for any truce would be to avail time to breed replacements for offerings to their god of bloodshed. To hope for peace by enriching, and nation-building for sociopaths is to be traitor to all that is decent. Islam is apex among apologies for competitions among bloodthirsty sociopaths. Communism is close second. Obama subscribes to both, but bows as servant to true exponents. Because Obama seems mild, most dupes think he is a decent person who means well but just has no clue how to go about things. Wrong! Obama is mild, but he bows to those who aren't. Islam is right about one thing: idiots who appease it earn humiliation through ignorance borne of cowardice. One ought not invite into one's house (or into one's presidency) those who puppetize for pure evil. Problem is, to speak such truth is to be instantly tuned out by all zombies whose minds are vacuumed to prevailing political correctness, laying clear the path to perdition.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with modern Education?


It's interesting to return once and awhile to C.S. Lewis. To paraphrase his spirit: "Whenever all men are really hastening to be slaves or tyrants we make [Liberty] the prime bogey." Doesn't that capture the clashing we see all around us today? In this age, why else should we have earth-loving, community-organizing socialists allying themselves as cronies with billionaire elitists of no national loyalty? Why else should Putin have twisted Russian capitalism to make it the premier exemplar for the buying and selling of governmental influence? For those in the know, Michael Savage notes the deal now enforced in Russia between the government and crony capitalists: make as much as you want, know to kick back a bunch to your governmental sponsors, and don't dare interfere in our thing for ruling the government. C.S. Lewis recognized diabolical democracy, but it took Putin to bring diabolical capitalism to its apex. Obama is now well on the scent.

Note that Lewis really said "Liberalism," not "Liberty." Still, I take Lewis to have meant Liberalism in the sense of Liberty, not in the modern sense of Progressivism or Collectivism. I take Lewis to have been more in sympathy with Classical Liberalism, in a sense of pious Individualism, more like that which was prevalent in the 1770's. I base this on a wonderful satire he wrote in 1959: Screwtape Proposes a Toast. Find it online, because it is must reading! A taste (distinguishing diabolical democracy from political democracy): "... what we must realize is that 'democracy' in the diabolical sense (I’m as good as you, Being Like Folks, Togetherness) is the fittest instrument we could possibly have for extirpating political democracies from the face of the earth." Through Screwtape, Lewis noted Aristotle’s question: whether 'democratic behaviour' means the behaviour that democracies like or the behaviour that will preserve a democracy. A review of Lewis efficiently captures what the Tea Party ought most urgently to be concerned about: What does it take to preserve decent liberty?

Anonymous said...

I tend to like what Romney says, and he has talent to say it well. However, we have time to test whether he believes in America as sincerely as Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin. It's vital that we watch well and that we pray that not all the candidates are potemkin in their cores. The coming election will be lit with special effects and fireworks. The issue to be decided will pit human liberty and representative governance against corrupt elitism and sheepled depravity. The most unguided, godless, and two faced will profit immensely. Assimilative good faith will nearly flicker out. Campaign bribes will blow sky high. Operators will put out for sales signs all across America. Cannibals will compete to demonstrate the efficiency of their wares. Billionaires who have survived competitive swims through sewers will pledge their support. Media will be owned and horsed. Independents will be threatened and bribed. Tea Party Activists will be split. If need be, a third party effort will be created to divide the opposition. Foreign nations will be pandered. Violence and war will be instigated to wag the dog. There is nothing that will not be done by those who have come to believe in nothing higher than themselves. For Obama, the jack-lord in the ointment of flies, nothing is higher than that he should rid the planet of inequalities in the individual initiative and free enterprise of his subjects. For his cronies and helpmates, nothing is higher than accumulating power to rule others. For his dupes (and future serfs), no illusion of utopia is better than dreams of entitlement land. The coming election is not about whether there should be a temporary change in direction. Pure and simple, the coming election is between good and evil, and it is for all of America's marbles.

Anonymous said...

Re: "They are promoting their own slavery."

Almost there. OWS types are promoting their own irrelevance and not too distant elimination. Why resort to violence when implanting a mass death wish is so much less messy? The unstated Orwellian message OWS types have absorbed is this: Suicide is stability. That's the between the lines message they have learned from Wall Street. Like good little zombies, OWS types are showing they've learned the message and just want to return to its point of origin, to seek more specific guidance on how to off themselves. The guidance so far: First, convert, by force if necessary, and bring back more like yourselves. Wall Street is the New Baal. The goat to be sacrificed is the middle class. The ladders are being lifted, the Arc's about to float, and we're messing up Baal's view. That's simply not sustainable (not tolerable). They're claiming their kingdom on earth.

Anonymous said...

The American Regime is not the only one that loves a crisis. In times of crisis, the first casualty is Truth. Sun Tzu: All warfare is based on deception. Aeschlus -- In war, truth is the first casualty. Hostages claim to remember Ahmadinejad as being among their captors. Banisadr denies Ahmadinejad played a role in the capture. Banisadr also claimed Reagan sought to prolong the hostage keeping for political gain. Maybe The Shadow knows. Whatever. The Little Monkey walks the walk and talks the talk. Why sleep while he does the deed?