Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wormwood Materialism

From A.T. --- Author, Re: "This "corporations run the government" meme has been around since the 1970s, and it's no more true now than it was then. As Rick Moran points out, if corporations really ran the government would we have an EPA, OSHA, SEC, the EEOC, the FHA, the Department of Labor, or any of the other number of state and federal agencies regulate corporate behavior?"

Oh please. Where did Obama get most of his campaign finance support? It's obvious corporatists don't RUN government efficiently (or like a corporation). But internationalists among them do milk, cannibalize, and RUIN governments. Indeed, who is calling, financing, and hedging with the Wall Street Occupiers and flash mobs? Isn't that precious ... look what our protesters have advocated: More regulations we can use to increase control and pull the ladder up.

What's RUINING us is not the corporate form or corporations, per se, but international crony corporatist speculators whose entire faith lies in materialism. So long as nothing checks them from cannibalizing the American middle class, they need not give a damn about preserving meaningful influence or freedom for ordinary strivers against a purely materialistic alliance of elite apologists and useful dupes. Forget ownership. Ask what small percentage of people CONTROL most of the world's politicians and productivity? What tends to be their political philosophy?

Re: "The problem isn't corporations, the problem is that we have a government that has its fingers in nearly every aspect of the economy." Agree. But what's the nature of the political alliance and materialistic philosophy that has fostered this? If the problem is middle class indolence rather than a philosophy of materialism run amuck, then ask what are the foundations and institutions that have fostered this indolence? What? The American middle class deserves to be impoverished for not bowing down to rotting internationalists? What kind of wormwood is this?


Anonymous said...

We enrich Muslim nations. Our Prez bows to them. He calls the Azam the prettiest sound in the world. We bend over backwards to accomodate Muslims. We coddle mind criminals who would never coddle us. If this is supposed to win hearts and minds, it isn't working. Western Civ is losing its mind, and Islam never had a heart.

Stop enriching Muslims. Stop nation building in heartless nations. Stop inviting them. Stop coddling them. Stop calling Islam a religion, much less a religion of peace. Call it what it is: a mind virus for moral criminals. Who does it appeal to? Answer: Everyone whose spirit has never been allowed to grow beyond a sense of values that is entirely warped towards treating other people as nothing more than material things, to be utterly blanketed and subjugated to a hierarchy of despotism. It is not "religion" to treat minds as things to be subjugated. What part of Islam avails minds with dignity to choose?

If commies and material mongers do not accept Sharia law, at least they respect its complete devotion to the absolute subjugation of everyone as nothing more than material commodities, to be buried under absolute regulation. Materialism is binding an unholy alliance among Islam, Communism, and Atheistic Scientism run amuck. Why? Because, in the morally unsane view of such practitioners, Christianity and Judaism are the rampaging terror on earth. They are wrong. What is rampant in the land is the mind disease of purely materialist philosophy, aka the nihilistic hollowing out of humanity. Those whose spirits are hollow are the walking undead; they cannot rest until they drag everyone else into their hole. To invite them to dig near your home is not a viable strategy for rehabilitating them, nor for defending yourself. To approach the event horizon of a black hole is to allow yourself to have crossed beyond a point of no return. You can't rehabilitate a black hole. You have to keep yourself at a distance from it.

Anonymous said...

When you treat gangsters as equal trading partners, pretty soon you find that all your trading partners are either gangsters or vassals to gangsters. Pretty soon, no one dares to call a gangster a gangster. The most important issue for America is: Do we stand up for America, or do we faggedabout it and learn to compete with gangsters like gangsters, by continuing to rationalize the ongoing cannibalization of America? What we have with China is not free trade, but continued apologies for tolerating our own demise. Sort of like the "enlightened toleration" we have going for us among apologists for that other exponent for treating people like things --- Islam.

Anonymous said...

The "non-bigoted Left" (sarc) is going to tar the Republican candidate, regardless. It's gathering its voo doo to go after Romney's Mormonism, Perry's rock, or Cain's "non-authenticity." The best candidate would seem to be the one most adept at taking away the Left's voo doo dolls and giving it a well deserved thrashing behind the woodpile. (I don't think Perry's got that in him.) Christianity is the bulwark of America, but for goodness sakes, Americans need to get less bigoted about Mormons. Look beyond the literalism of the faith and get to know some Mormons (not the media fringe types). By all rights, the coming election should be a walk. But it won't. Why? Not because of governing substance. Obama will remain a threat because the Left is going to play the bigot card, and hard. Even though the Left is the biggest bigot going. No one will ever out-bigot a Leftist. Proof: Obama celebrates Islam, an unsane blight that devalues more than half its population, yet is still celebrated as being "brilliant" (per the Left, he's failing only because he isn't forceful enough with his brilliance).

Anonymous said...

The Left is all about howling rights for a rainbow coalition: robbers, anarchists, insurrectionists, nefarians, blockheads, and wombats. Every full moon should be dedicated to letting them run about howling. That way, it would be less ambiguous who they are, and they could get it out of their system. Set out free dope in the parks, so they can cogulate in some safe place where they aren't likely to do too much harm.

Anonymous said...

Along with Oprahland, The View, NPR, men having babies, and countless other phonies, the Left has long lived in a parallel, virtual world. Until Obama began cutting the last lines of connection to reality, he had plenty of company in that world. The other residents knew all along that their air and food had to be piped in from the real world. Obama thinks otherwise. Now he's wrapped himself off as Mr. Cellophane Man and wondering why it's getting harder to breathe. They were poseurs. He's a believer in his own precious bodily fluids, and now he can't understand why everything's shutting down.

Anonymous said...

Re: "The existing tax code is horrendous, and custom made for cheating and creating loopholes."

Not to mention the attraction it has for political abuse. The more complex, the more ad hoc, the more the realities point to needing easy examples ... the more the abuse of those who are least able to defend themselves or who have the fewest corrupt insider friends. The Income Tax is tailor made to support despotism over the fearful and law abiding, while inviting cornyism for corrupt insider friends. Eventually, our law becomes what it rewards. Who would thrive in that milieu better than Screwtape? Indeed, under the system as it is, is the enormity not yet obvious that Screwtape has been gathering ever more power against ordinary Americans every day?