Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scales of Cultural Dogma

Every culture that tries to sustain itself eventually seeks to rationalize itself in respect of some vague, higher principle or deity. Finding such higher Principle to have conferred its blessings, each culture then rationalizes justification to defend against, exclude, subjugate, and/or enslave its neighbors. The more primitive the culture, the more it scales towards subjugation and enslavement. The more secure and enlightened the culture, the more it moves along the scale, from enslaving its neighbors to defending against them. When a culture moves beyond understanding or defending against neighboring cultures, to tolerating and conferring affirmative and special privileges to them, without first requiring their assimilation, it soon commits cultural suicide. What leads a secure, successful culture to tolerate its own destruction? Answer: Too much ingestion of the stupid pill. It becomes captive to a false sense of security, forgetting that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The sleep walking, suicidal culture is the one that equates active inculcation of dogma of stupidity with education. Indeed, we are taxing ourselves silly in order to pay teachers to evangelize the kind of stupidity that will kill us. And now, the zombies we have stupefied are massing, coming home to roost. By now, the Tea Party well knows sociopathic opportunists will not let this crisis go to waste. It's time to recognize that the godless enemy is not interested in fairness. It's "higher principle" reduces to this: subjugation and taking the spoils. There's absolutely no reason to tolerate, much less honor, the perps and their useful idiocracy.


Anonymous said...

Because Herman Cain stumbled on the "Perry Rock," he will be asked about Hank Williams, Jr. He had best have a planned response, because the issue is too loaded to try to respond from the hip. Obviously, ESPN had the right and the financial motivation to fire Hank. The real concern, however, will relate to whether the Hitler analogy, aside from violating *Godwin's law, in fact did convey any meaning.

*Godwin's law: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. (Yet, the first one who uses it loses the debate.)

**Suggested Corollary: As a moderate avoids the Hitler analogy, the probability he will use a Confederacy analogy approaches 1. (Yet, demographics have so settled that only the Left can benefit by raising it.)

Anonymous said...

The spirit of a lie often goes unrecognized in the core of America's institutions. That spirit resides with a rampant, totalitarian mindset, now solidified and respected in academia. Few would care whether any other amasses wealth so long as the amasser does not transpose his acquisition into abuse of power. It's hardly incorrect to sense that something is rotten in the way the system avails power and wealth for redistribution among those cronies who most skillfully feign to be champions, either for the system or for the poor. The stimulus did not benefit anyone but a few cronies! This class of cynical, crony capitalism and cannibalization of America has been rampant --- uninterrupted now for more than 20 years. The problem is to sense a correct solution. The solution is not to enlist as useful dupe for lying cynics. The very people enlisting crazed masses to protest the concentration of power and the undermining of America ... are the people who are concentrating power and undermining America. The incoherent, callous, often between-the-lines, Nihilistic Message that is unrelentingly fire hosed by ubermensch at dupes is: "Call off the elections. Only let me amass power and I will fundamentally better your lives." Before Americans can produce an antidote to this poisoning, nihilistic subterfuge, we must identify it as the incoherent, immature subterfuge that it is. Until then, too many among the electorate will fall as useful idiots for advancing a juggernaut of elitist evil masquerading as good. Absolute wealth transposes to absolute power transposes to absolute evil. Economic Philosophy 101: America's checks and balances can ill afford to allow absolute wealth to go unchecked.

Anonymous said...

Re: "People are either good and compassionate, ie. progressives, or mean and greedy, ie. conservatives"

Well, a good Marxist must likely first be a good Analytic Positivist. Thus, a good Marxist will jump the track of moral relevance in the very foundation of her initial assumptions (or faith), by circularly assuming the superiority of the Materialism that she wishes to prove. She assumes the materially quantifiable is superior to the qualifiably purposeful. She propagates her faith in an assumption that can neither be substantively demonstrated nor morally relevant. The inherent, nihilistic, incoherency in such a thought system seeks to promote faith in no-basis-for-faith. Such incoherency rationalizes "freedom" in the equality that is enforced against serfs by a system of totalitarianism. "Freedom" becomes nothing more than a right to be equally despised by a materially shared despot. To accept enforced material equality under the despot is "good"; to resist is "greedy." Simply put, an Analytic Marxist has nothing of quality to build upon, nothing to say, and nothing to merit listening to, when it comes to advocating for any purpose higher than the purely material and mechanical. Obamaginem esse delendam.

Anonymous said...

The Left is all about howling rights for a rainbow coalition: robbers, anarchists, insurrectionists, nefarians, blockheads, oligarchs, and wombats. Every full moon should be dedicated to letting them run about howling. That way, it would be less ambiguous who they are, and they could get it out of their system. Set out free dope in the parks, so they can cogulate in some safe place where they aren't likely to do too much harm.