Monday, October 17, 2011

Orwellian Foundations

Of Orwellian Foundations:  Communism needs to be clarified. It's not communalism. Only a master Orwellian would characterize it as taking from each according to abilities and distributing to each according to needs. In the real world, Communism reduces to the use by the corrupt of the stupid in order to rule the capable. It makes little difference whether you call communism demonic socialism or demonic capitalism. Either way, it's demonic.

Bilderbergers give, so that highbrow foundations can enthrall us with wonderments, such as “Piss Christ,” the celebration of which was sponsored by the NEA, whose Communications Director eventually became Yosi Sergant, later suspected by Andrew Breitbart of having participated in a conference call directing artists to promote Obama's domestic agenda. The William J. Clinton Foundation gives us the Clinton Climate Initiative, helping to convince people to want to line up for the privilege of buying carbon credits. Check out the report about foundations that was given as far back as 1912, by Basil M. Manley, Director of Research and Investigation. He declared, "Control is being extended largely through the creation of enormous privately managed funds for indefinite purposes, hereinafter designated 'foundations." Not only does the sponsoring of such "philanthropic gifts" not promote democracy or enlighten decent society, it insults decent society. Thus, the middle class has long slept while evil has been funneling money through despotic corporatists into tax exempt foundations and tax shelters, so most of us can now have the privilege of being allowed to dig into our own serfdom.
It’s the Middle Class that defends our ground and gives us the actual ministers, doctors, scientists, historians, and artists who help make sense of our lives and man the medical, police, fire, shelter and other safety nets and charities for all society’s derelicts. Problem is: Derelicts prefer not to appreciate safety nets as charities provided by devout middle class workers and volunteers, but to take them as entitlements. How easier to capture entitlements than to align with that other entitlement-minded segment of society, Bilderbergers and their fawning elitists? The middle class, so preoccupied with hard and good works, has hardly noticed the unholy gathering of entitlement-minded derelicts and corrupt elitists, until the wannabe plundering derelicts and their self-styling chiefs and kings have now surrounded nearly every decent, trusting soul.
Taxing Bilderbergers' INCOME is counterproductive. They'll simply take it back, in political kickbacks. The only way to reach them is by taxing how they spend their WEALTH. To do that, all consumption ought to be taxed, and the translation of wealth into political consumption ought especially to be very "progressively" taxed! We punish insider trading in securities. Why not at least tax insider trading of wealth for political influence? Indeed, when wealth is used to grease political influence, why not confiscate it entirely, and return it entirely to cities or states? Sure, let money talk and enjoy political free speech, but tax the hell out of it when it is found to have talked in too furtively a fashion.
One soon notices how the richest foundations often serve as tax dodges, availed by ordinary Americans to help plutocrats fund ways for putting rings through the noses of the masses. All this has been played before. This time, perhaps the axis of entitlement-minded corruptocrats has played its hand too soon, and has forgotten that the American middle class is not the defenseless lamb of the past, but a mature ram. Meanwhile, however, Soros is quietly buying up all the gun companies. When foundations of Soros ilk are investigated, no doubt many bribes will be paid to enlist masses of derelicts and flash mobs to rain fire and brimstone upon every American who tries to uproot the communism, filth, corruption, constitutional treason, mind enslavement, and godlessness that are rampant in the land.
When Buffet says he'd rather be charitable to his foundation than to the government, what he means is that his foundation is meant to be among those that will help push all governments under the noble rule of an international syndicate of corporatists who know best. Political Economics 101: Unchecked and absolute wealth translates into absolute power, which translates towards the corruption or belittlement of every decent person and thing. What kind of educated fool would believe plutocrats are promoting socialism just so they can live among the common people? Evil has long been growing strong under tax codes designed to enhance control by the most wealthy. Their grip is now much too strong to expect any presidential candidate to have a chance unless he or she first passes muster with Bilderbergers. Unless the American people somehow turn a Bilderberger into their own double agent, the arch structure now in place for worldwide reimposition of serfdom will not be turned. For Bilderbergers, ordinary people will soon be considered as one of two things: neutered pets or feral pests. A Screwtape toast to rot: All praise be to Obama-Soros.


Anonymous said...

You know, if Romney truly believes we each have it in us eventually to become almost godlike, then two things seem plausible: (1) He would find little profit in selling his soul to materialist corruptocrats; and (2) he senses an empathetic capacity for the deity in each of us, as "children" of a higher power. Regardless, I doubt the general notion is confined to a small cult. For example, the namaste sign appeared about 4000 years ago on clay seals out of the Indus Valley Civilization. Namaste: I bow to your form. However, some apparently would translate the Sanskrit root of namaste thusly: The spirit in me respects the spirit in you. Or the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you. Or I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me. Or I salute the God within you. Compare In La 'Kesh (Mayan -- I am another you). Regardless, neither we nor Romney have much of a precise clue about what may lie beyond this world. One may as well engage in fairy counting as try to pin down a precise definition of spirit, soul, or heaven. Now, if Romney were to express that he thinks he could or should become God's superior, that may stir some alarms. We need to watch how Romney and Cain conduct themselves as they face the trials that will doubtless and soon come their way. Cain carries some baggage himself, and I doubt any among present candidates could be both viable and immune to elitist influence. Mainly, I see two good, fallible men, both of whom show considerably more promise for preserving human freedom and dignity than the Marxist servant of despotism we now have, who would, in a heartbeat, sell our freedom out in exchange for equality in distribution of dirt.

Anonymous said...

From A.T. -- Re: "... most seem to see Tea Party members as those who "must be managed"

Why? Corruption and loss of faith, "justified" by nursing historical grievances. In a world of insane violence and despotism, how does any sane person see either OboSoros or pursuing the fall of America as a good thing? Does OboSoros fund and incite flash mobs to help spread benefits, or to destabilize, hedge, and cannibalize governments in order to acquire the wealth and power of a gazillionaire? Not because Soros expects to live forever, but as a last finger in the eye of decency. For a wannabe despot or callous ubermensch with sympathy for the devil, it seems the only things worth pursuing are revenge and dying with the most power and toys. Ordinary Israelis and Americans mainly just want to raise their families in peace. However, any country that stands in the way of those who nurture their sense of self victimhood is "downright mean." Things fly apart and get upside down. This seems to be what becomes of children who are raised to be as abused, abandoned, or neglected as OboSoros. A culture that thrives on pumping up feelings of victimhood inspires a special bond among everyone who wants to lash back. La Raza wants to take back the Southwest. Jesse Jackson wants reparations. Dawkins wants to establish a monopoly for the religion of scientism and environmentalism. Islamists want pounds and pounds of flesh. Obama wants Israel to be gone, and America to pay for sins of colonialism. Only the devil knows what Soros wants.