Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sheep and Shearer

Everytime government does something new, don't just ask who appears to benefit.  Ask who REALLY benefits.  The electorate for our Republic consists of Sheep, Farmer, Shearer, Bureaucrat, and Governing Politician. Most are being farmed like Sheep, hedged back and forth between leasing-Farmer and Shearer, both of whom are taxed by Governing-landlord-auditor. How Farmer and Shearer settle accounts makes little difference to us, because we are going to be sheared in every event. It makes little difference how account currencies are printed, or whether Governing-auditors levy for services in the Form of a flat or a progressive tax. If Progressive, Farmer will pay government-Bureaucrats kickbacks in exchange for favors and loopholes. If Flat, Shearer will use profits to buy more leases, erase borders, or contribute campaign bribes to elect Governor-candidates in exchange for smaller taxes. Candidates will hold fingers to wind, set up contrivances, and hedge. They will hedge, kiss, pander, tip, and extract campaign bribes --- both with implied threats and with winking promises. Farmers and Shearers will hedge by threatening to back opposing candidates. Either way, Sheep are shorn.

Yes, Sheep get to Vote, but the back and forth of threats and promises Divides and keeps the Sheep off balance. Every year, they get shorn a little closer. Families get more humiliated, indebted, and controlled. More Farmers and Shearers are bankrupted and reduced to Sheep. Still, hopes of Sheep rise with the approach of each new election. So, they stay on the farm and are enticed to work more for less. Once Sheep are rendered entirely at mercy, and only the most cynical survive (i.e., those who form an Unholy-Alliance with an Unholy-Sponsor), the surviving Unholy-Farmers and Shearers will erase all borders, incorporate all lands, divide the spoils, and rule as the new international-Corpoligarchy-of-hedge-fund-artists-sans-nations.


Signs may as well soon be posted throughout the land: Abandon hope all ye who enter here. This we achieve by putting faith and trust exclusively in Man and Forms while banishing Higher-Truths from the public square. Thus, we abandon a Nation under God to whims of cynics, Hedge-Artists, and Tax-Designers. Having bit the apple, we now trade it for snake oil. America's main problem is not its tax code (rotten as it is). America's main problem is Americans are no longer united to preserve one nation under God. Result: We allow ourselves to be divided and robbed of inheritance, freedom, family decency, and nation. We allow cynics to sell our land, borders, trade, infrastructure, industry, citizen-workers, and even our mores and currency out to nation-less, godless-cannibals. We reduce ourselves to bargain as cheap whores. And how do we try to fix this? With magic FORMS! Insanity fit for a people of corruption and ignorance. How about a Savage and different strategy? How about Borders, Language, Assimilating Culture ... and Decent Respect in the Public Square for Higher Truths and Values (aka God)?


Anonymous said...

There's a fundamental disconnect in the anarchist brain that precludes it from apprehending that what feeds its immediate gratification is not necessarily what could make decent society. There's probably a physical component. Something in the diet, lifestyle, and way such a person is raised and educated must radically alter the landscape of his brain. After such radical alteration, there's no quick fix. Whatever we do, we must not allow the majority of the electorate to be tippped to head bangers.

Anonymous said...

At the same time work has been becoming less necessary, jobs have been becoming harder to find. Now that our production has gone overseas, and our economy can no longer be propped up by fiat money, pigeons are finding it hard to roost without making themselves nuisances.

Regarding change and progress: To my intuition, eventual PROGRESS of a spiritual pilgrim sort seems likely, beyond purely cyclic notions under eastern philosophies. Progress may occur as God leads and we learn to become willing to participate --- to receive, follow, and apprehend signs and arts with which to unfold, enhance, communicate, and feed back wonder, love, comfort, and joy. However, charity under that sort of concept of progress is the last thing that secular politicians (liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists) tend to think of. The sort of PROGRESS they tend to think of consists in setting aside and replacing foundations for spiritual progress. Instead, Political Progressives confuse and conflate political progress with governmental redistributions that are forced. They siphon power to selfish operatives and groups by paying cronies and bribing constituents. Thus, their elites leverage against producers in order to pay off henchmen, while lying through corrupted media and academia that such constitutes "progress." They lie big, turning concepts on their heads, telling us they mean to more fairly effect (force!) a new redistribution of "charity." They admire the work of young Reinhold Niebuhr, before he grew up.